Alerte Digital Sport | Team
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Senior Management and Advisors

Razali Mohamad

C E O / C T O

Co-founder and Director of Alerte Digital Health and its big data analytic subsidiary Singulariti Systems.


Razali holds a Master of Engineering (Mechatronics) from the University of Melbourne and has worked in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and big data industrial applications.


Razali has a decade of experience in developing advanced applications in the field of mining, agribusiness and health care.

Jason Weber

Senior Sport Science Consultant

Jason is department head of physical performance in an AFL team and has held comparable positions with international rugby teams including the Wallabies.


He is an expert in the application of sophisticated sports science in professional sports. Jason is a proven analytical thinker and sports science innovator and is currently undertaking a doctorate in sports biomechanics.

Calham Dower

Senior Product Engineer

Calham graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master of Engineering (Mechatronics) and previously worked at global technology company Ericsson. His expertise includes Machine Learning (DNN), Data analytics, and Data management solutions.


He has previously created an app utilising artificial neural networks and machine learning to predict the outcome of sporting events.

Wesley Lim

Software Engineer

Wesley graduated with a Master of Engineering (Mechatronics) from the University of Melbourne. He is currently utilising his skills developing scalable web applications for Alerte’s AI services.


His experience consists of developing prototype-to-manufacture hardware and software for world leading medical device companies.

Matt De Boer

Professional Sports Consultant

Matt is a professional Australian Rules Football Player for the GWS Giants with over 9 years of experience working as an integral part of a high performance team.


Matt was also a member of the AFL Players Association for over 5 years and has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia.