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Download our White Paper below:

Alerte Digital Sports White Paper 2017 [PDF]

Alerte Digital Sport

Alerte Digital Sport is part of the Alerte group of technology companies, which specialize in the application of artificial intelligence and big data analytics techniques across key industry sectors.


The Alerte Digital Sport (ADS) System utilizes an advanced artificial intelligence framework in conjunction with real-world elite sporting data to provide meaningful insights to teams and individual athletes regarding the risk of sports injuries.

How it works

ADS works within the operational technology framework of any environment. It seamlessly integrates setting specific data signals into a singular matrix and seeks to identify otherwise imperceptible patterns both of the team and the individuals within it.

Alerte’s Dynamic Application of Artificial Intelligence

Alerte’s Sport Web Application utilizes a framework for the application of artificial intelligence technologies at a large scale. The application has dedicated AI servers utilized for both training new models as data is entered, as well as providing the predictions seen within the application. This is all backed by a sophisticated database that can handle large amounts of flexible data. The system is built so that it can autonomously trigger new training runs for itself based on the data entered.

The system learns and evolves over time to develop a sophisticated understanding of complexities surrounding sports injuries.

The current application of the ADS System is to provide real-time and future estimates of injury occurrence for individuals within team based sports.


The ADS System utilises an array of data including running history (provided by external GPS trackers), individual injury history and body-type to produce an injury risk factor.


This is presented to the user as a web application that can be utilised to tailor training plans to minimise injury risk and maximise training effort.